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How the pandemic would change future work model

May 15, 2020

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the whole world seems to have shut down. It looks like the pandemic has affected almost every aspect of life. The novel coronavirus has spread across continents and taken thousands of lives, let alone the transition in the world of work.

With thousands of companies shutting down, the corporate world on a pause, and millions of people stranded out of jobs, the obvious question arises – How long will this sudden change in work trend last? Or, how COVID-19 would change the future work model?

Let’s face it! This recent global recession will, no doubt, change the entire working dimension for years to come. While we can’t look into the future to see what the work model would exactly look like, we can analyze today’s facts to get an idea of what to expect tomorrow.

All we hear today is how the economy is declining and unemployment rates skyrocketing. However, just as everything has two sides to it – the good and the bad, you can expect both positive and negative changes in the future work model brought about by the global pandemic.


In this article, all the information is based on facts brought together by different economists, social scientists, psychologists, and management professors who are always investigating the impact of COVID-19 on the working community.

Before anything else, let’s discuss the recent trends prevalent in today’s job market scenario:

The economic effects of COVID-19 on the work sector are rapidly becoming more intense and proving to be worse than any financial crisis the world had ever faced. The International Labour Organization says that 25 million jobs are in threat due to COVID-19. Job holders and businesses face difficulties without immediate coordinated measures taken by governments.

Although COVID-19 has several adverse effects, the vast majority of us have had to get accustomed to working from home. Keeping aside the challenges of internet-connectivity for some people, working from home gives us new and different challenges in terms of our nature of work, and you can take it positively.

But many questions arise here. How are we going to collaborate and participate effectively in the future? Is working from home going to be the new norm? When the pandemic is over, and we return to our offices, will the same roles be required? Read on below to get an idea of how COVID-19 might change the future work model.


Full-time jobs will lessen, and freelancers will become mainstream

You might be able to tell already that highly paid jobs that do not add merit to any business will not last. Companies and firms will turn more towards freelancers and people who work on a contractual basis to get the jobs done. Businesses will reduce fixed jobs that do not prove their cost and find ways to adopt more contractual working systems.



Remote working will become the new usual

As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect,” working remotely for an extended period will make people more used to it. Remote working will become the new norm as the time pass by during this pandemic. Technology will advance and make not only remote working but also remote schooling and learning an efficient experience.

Remote connections may replace everything that needed physical connection. The impact of social distancing for a long period will become a habit, and more people will find it better to work remotely.


No longer fixed salaries

As we know that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing major financial crisis worldwide, it would be crucial for companies to cut costs. Companies and businesses will not be able to take care of employees and workers until they stabilize their finances.

With costs rising rapidly, many firms have been surviving on meager margins and constant losses. In such a case, companies will have to cut costs, and fixed-salary workers might become the victim here.


Creation of different new jobs will take place

Catastrophic times like now take away several jobs, but it doesn’t take long to create new ones. With the rise of global pandemic, the healthcare sector can anticipate tremendous job creation. Due to social distancing and localization, local economies will prosper and start creating jobs. Also, the digital financial system will get a boost, and there will be more posts for people familiar with technology-related works.


People will be hired according to their fitment

With the fast-changing and growing businesses, people with the right mindset and who can quickly catch new skills will be hired instead of seeing degrees and qualifications. Degrees and experience will not be relied on for too long as the focus will be given to candidates who can fit in faster than the others.


Employers may monitor more often

In the case of an increasing number of employees working from home, employers may monitor them more frequently. It means your work and productivity will be analyzed and tracked, regardless of working outside an office. It might not be a new thing for some companies, but now it would happen at home. Monitoring is essential to make sure that employees are showing productivity.


More cautious about future jobs

People can learn many things from the pandemic. As millions of people lost their jobs, many will start making critical decisions about where to work, how their work may affect their health, and so on. Also, as many people have already begun to work from home, they might want to continue to do so, which will connect work life and personal life more.

This pandemic outbreak may prove to be a silver lining for some people who will rethink their jobs and find another one that may be more inspiring and fruitful.



Despite these changes which may occur post-COVID-19, business and work will continue to strive, and life will go on. It might seem different than the past, but things will work out. Maybe all these changes will happen gradually or at once.

Your future job will depend on your job type, employer, and other factors, and the changes in the next work model could be temporary or permanent. You might need to explore these things on your own. The one sure thing in this uncertainty is that this pandemic will bring historic changes to the work model.