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How to increase chances of getting a job during COVID-19 pandemic

May 12, 2020

These are the most uncertain times that mankind has witnessed in a long time. The rapid spread of Novel Coronavirus has taken everyone across the world by surprise. The spread of this virus has left nothing in our lives untouched. Be it the way we move, behave, communicate, make purchases, and do our jobs.

The first and foremost priority in these times, of course, is to protect ourselves from the disease spread by the coronavirus i.e. COVID-19. But other than safety there are some other concerns as well. The question of financial security during and post COVID-19 has also started troubling us.

With millions of people losing their jobs within a few months of the pandemic and many more millions in the waiting, it is a highly volatile situation for everyone. No one can predict when it will all end and what would be the scenario of the business and economy after we come out of the situation.

But, can we, as individuals, stop thinking about those situations that we can’t control and take some actions that are within our circle of influence? Yes, we should definitely take some positive actions in all aspects of our life including the job search. So, let us find out what you can do to get a job as a fresher or as someone who has lost the job in the storm of the pandemic or as the one who has a fear of losing it sooner or later.


Retrospect & Introspect

Ask yourself a simple question, “How much time in the past did I spend in doing introspection.” Moving with the rut of life did you ever pause for a moment to reflect on yourself?

Did you ask yourself, what you are doing right now is really what you wanted to do in your life?

Existence has given you an opportunity. If you were so busy, fearful, or unaware that you kept running without actually seeing where you were heading, existence has pressed a pause button for you. You can very well take this opportunity to do some retrospection & introspection.

Sit with yourself and jot down what you want in your life. If you were always interested in doing a job- what kind of a job you wanted to do? Are there any specific organizations that you want to work with, etc?

Also, pen down your aspirations- the organization you want to be in, the position you want to attain, your short term & long term goals, and your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to achieve those goals.

Once you are clear about your goals, put all your energies towards that. For instance, if you want to be a part of a particular organization, do thorough research about it, look at your qualification & experience, identify the gaps and make a plan of filling them by attending relevant courses online or otherwise in due course of time.

If you find out that the organization you wish to join is not hiring during the pandemic or does not have a position suitable to your qualification do not lose hope, try out a similar organization and wait for the right opportunity to shift at a later stage.


Is it only about Your Job?

Is it only about the job, the organization, and the position, or the ongoing pandemic is teaching you some more life lessons? Let the new lessons also shape up your thought process.

Do you still consider the job and your aspirations around it as your topmost priority or it has changed?

With this new perspective, your idea about the job would take a different meaning.

You are asking, “How will it help me in getting a new job for myself?”

Well, it will.

It will give you several insights about yourself which have been hidden even from you till now. You will realize that there are more opportunities than you think in your limited vision considering yourself to have limited strengths.

It will also set your priorities about your life goals. Getting a job most of the time is not as difficult but getting a job meeting your high expectations may definitely be.

With the new clarity about yourself vis-a-vis life, you would be much more equipped to find a job for yourself that meets your changed set of expectations and life priorities.


Keep in Touch With Your Old Employer

The recent layoffs are mostly due to the business situation and not due to the poor performance of the employees. So, do not have a bitter taste towards your old employer. Keep in touch with them.

Trust us, if you have good relations with them and you were performing satisfactorily during your tenure, there is a high probability that you would be recruited back as soon as the business situation improves.

You can be proactive in your approach. As an old employee, you already know the functioning of the organization. Use that knowledge to go beyond the position and department you were working in.

Ask yourself if you are ready to take up more responsibility or a different role in the same organization that is more relevant to it in the present scenario.


Be in Touch With the Job Providing Firms

Yes, this is one of the best ways to be aware of the market conditions and your position in the market.

These firms have a vast network and they understand the market pulse more than we do with our limited resources.

These firms are also a highly useful resource for various organizations. Many of the organizations even do not publish advertisements for recruitment; they take the help of these executive firms to get the right candidate for the vacant positions.

So, if you establish good contacts with these firms there are higher chances of you getting an interview call and eventually, a job offer from a reputed organization.

In fact, if your credentials are impressive and relationships with the firm are cozy, they would contact you on their own for a position that they consider you to be a good fit.


Keep in Touch through the Social Networking Channels

If you are searching for a good job opportunity, so are the hiring managers searching for good candidates.

How come during the current pandemic?

Well, in some cases even more now than before.


The organizations want more productive employees. They would be in search of employees with multi-skilling. And trust us; they are in search of these candidates more than ever before.

So, now is the time for you to be visible and to showcase your skills. And can there be a better channel than a social media platform where you can present yourself in the best way you want?

Connecting through social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to come in contact with the experts and the specialists of different fields.

If you too are an expert in a specialized area, you can utilize this platform and present yourself as a knowledgeable leader.

In the present situation with the least outside activities due to COVID-19, people are spending a lot of their time visiting social media channels. Being present on these channels, therefore, provides you more opportunities than ever before to be visible and be in personal contact with many influential professionals of your field.

This can also open up unknown trajectories for you and increase your chances of getting a job opportunity in a good professional organization.

Through social media, you can also establish contacts with your older colleagues or college time friends. They can also help you in striking a good job opportunity either directly or through their networks.

Moreover, you can also utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools in updating your resume and loading it on the search sites. This will increase your visibility and, enhance your chances of getting a job opportunity.


Adapt to the New Situation

Be flexible. The new situation would have new and different types of opportunities. Do not be rigid with your demands.

You may need to find out the new areas where you can contribute other than your previous field of expertise. You may, in fact, be asked to work in areas unrelated to your prior experience.

So, be prepared to make changes in your career.

You can proactively start identifying areas having more job opportunities and try to acquire the knowledge and the skill set to perform the tasks required in those areas.

For instance, if you have worked in the manufacturing sector as an expert in production and planning, and in your research, you find the field of inventory management & storage as a high demand job. Find out what skill sets do you need to learn to perform the job related to the inventory management & storage.

Utilize the isolation period, join an online course, learn the new skills, and offer your services for this different job profile.

Further, in the beginning, do not be rigid on your position and package as well if you essentially require a job immediately.


Upgrade Yourself

There are many new subjects that many of you wanted to learn while working but were not finding the time to learn them.

Now is the time for you to upgrade yourself in those areas and topics of your interest or that can give a boost to your career once back in the job.

Join an online course as mentioned earlier and upgrade yourself in the time you have found by chance. There are many of these courses available online even for free. This way you can open up many other job opportunities for yourself as well.

This may also help in enhancing your network by interacting with other individuals registered for a similar course. They can also prove to be good facilitators in getting a suitable job for you.


Get ready for the Interview

Finally, everything boils down to this important activity. Yes, the interview.

While you are following all these different ways of searching for a job, do not ignore your preparedness in attending the interview. So, keep yourself ready to present your credentials and past accomplishments.

With the spread of COVID-19, there would be more online interviews than face-to-face interactions.

Many of you might have faced online interviews. However, if you are the one who has never attended such interviews anytime, prepare for that now.

Understand the software and hardware requirements, different channels of online interviews and also learn to face the camera. Select a room in your home that is free of any noise & other disturbances. Ensure that the background is presentable over the camera.

These may sound to be simple activities but under the pressure of an interview can cause a lot of embarrassment and an eventual bad impression on the interviewer.

If you have set up an interview, dress up in a formal dress like you would do during a face-to-face interview; check all the software and hardware for their perfect functioning including the sound quality and the camera angle & clarity prior to the interview.

Be confident and present yourself in the best way you can.


Is it Essential Now?

Last but not the least; ask yourself this unusual question, “Is it essential for me now to have the new job or I can wait for a while?”

Check your financial condition, your assets, and liability. Can you continue without a job for say 6 months?

Getting into any job just for the sake of getting a job can hamper your future job prospects. Not that you put your job searching on hold. No, you can continue working on your resume and enhancing your networking.

You can, in the meanwhile, give yourself some time in understanding yourself while not in the usual chaos of life and listening to your inner self attentively.

You may find something new, desperate to come out as your hidden creative urge and finding its way in your life in the silence of isolation amidst the spread of COVID-19.


Final Words

So, these were a few important tips that can increase your chances of getting a job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, apart from the tips for searching for a job, the most important thing during the times of pandemic is to keep yourself high in spirits. Do not allow yourself to lose your confidence.

Keep the faith, continue your hard work in controlling things that you can, and stop thinking about things you cannot control.